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If it was, I would be trying to do a rip-off by providing automobile repairs which are nothing except for a big fraud. Better go to AAMCO for repairs...


Mr. Transmission Sucks !!


The only difference is the mask...

Which one is the thief ?


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Mr. Transmission Rip-Offs

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My Rip-Off

Misleading Advertising by Mr. Transmission


Note to all: I received a certified letter from Moran Industries whining about trademark infringement and this site. How interesting this little website got their interest while they continue to ignore my complaints about one of their franchises...

Click this link to see the letter.

Their Letter Threatening a Lawsuit


Many thanks to Public Citizen for their legal help! It is nice to know that we have folks like this protecting our right for Freedom of Speech.


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People have seen this site about transmission repair thief's.

Don't get stung by a thief and fraud. Fight back!



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